David Mansfield

Entrepreneur and author

Nov 13, 2020

New Thinking podcast

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David Mansfield is a speaker, entrepreneur and author of ‘The Monday Revolution.’ His career began in commercial television, before becoming CEO of Capital Radio Group for 13 years, where he helped build the company to a worth of £750m. Since then, he’s been a director of Carphone Warehouse and Ingenious Media, amongst many others. He’s invested and chaired several different start-ups, including an online education company and a highly successful online food retailer. In this in-depth conversation, David describes his latest book as a back to basics guide, to “help people take back control of their working week” by focusing their attention on what really matters. He discusses the overwhelming impact of the pandemic on the workplace, and how it’s provided “an opportunity for a reset”. David explains the importance of learning from his mistakes, before arriving at his current successful investment strategy.

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